Back to Golf

Tim Daley is certified with both of these programs to provide conditioning and rehabilitation for golf clients. He has played golf for over 30 years and enjoys the challenge of the game of golf. Clients with joint replacements and other orthopedic problems benefit from golf specific evaluations and training to return to their game. Tim will also work with your PGA golf professional so your lessons achieve maximum results with improved physical performance.

Tim Daley, PT, has been involved in golf fitness programs since 1994. He is affiliated with the Back to Golf network and he is a level 2 medical specialist and level 2 fitness specialist certified through the Titleist Performance Center. He can develop programs for clients who wish to enhance their golf experience and improve their golf fitness. He also is available for speaking engagements for groups interested in golf fitness.

Why does your golf swing change from shot to shot?

Why is your game up and down in the same round?

Why aren't you consistent in your practice and your efforts to improve your game?

These are interesting questions for all of us who love golf. Part of the answer is our physical capabilities are not up to the demands of the game! If we don't have enough flexibility to make a good turn, then our effort to hit the ball any great distance is dramatically reduced. If our specific golf swing strength is not good then fatigue creeps into our game and we shoot the high number.

What do you want to commit to?

How about a better golf swing with more flexibility and strength. Maybe greater distance and lower scores.

Sounds good doesn't it?

Our Back to Golf Program can give you the answers to these problems. We apply the latest developments in stretching, strengthening, and biomechanics to improve your golf body. Specific stretching to the muscles and joints that affect your swing will change your motion to give you better control of the swing. Strengthening your golf muscles with exercise that replicates the swing, adds distance and power to your game. We also give you drills for your skill development and exercises to maintain your golf body through your years of playing.