"The entire staff at Hairston & Daley are absolutely amazing! From day one we immediately went over a game plan for my recovery after surgery on my shoulder and got to work. I was in a lot of pain before I began but decided to trust them. I gave them my full cooperation, followed their directions, and now I'm on pace to recover sooner than expected. I genuinely feel great. THANK YOU!"


"Hairston & Daley Physical Therapy is the best physical therapy that I have ever been to. The staff are all very nice and helpful. My brother-n-law has been going there and has had excellent results rehabbing his injury. The rehab of my knee has been going great and I have had excellent results so far. I would not hesitate to recommend Hairston & Daley to anyone needing to have physical therapy."


"As a former client following my knee replacement, I cannot say enough good about this group of caring and knowledgeable individuals. The entire staffs, and especially Holly, are truly exceptional."


"Over the past 20 years I have come to Hairston & Daley to treat a shoulder injury, a foot injury, and recently a bad knee fracture that required surgery and a long rehab. Therapy here is based on a gradual increase in strength, flexibility and balance. Therapist, aids and office staff are kind, helpful and quick to encourage and add a dose of laughter. I would definitely return to H&D for future rehab need."


"Very professional staff. Holly Wagner is great Physical Therapist diagnosing exactly what is going on. Great service!"


"This is the best place I've ever been to. I love working out at this place. Merritt Robinson is a nice trainer for me to have and I like what he makes me do there. I love working out at Hairston & Daley Physical Therapy."


"Hairston & Daley have helped me tremendously with my rehabilitation with a damaged knee, knee replacement, sore shoulder, and ankle issues. Mike Hairston has provided expert guidance as my physical therapist. He also provides a program where a person can continue their rehabilitation for a nominal fee when insurance no longer provides coverage. Hairston & Daley provides a pleasant environment with competent and expert office staff. Never did I have a problem with billing issues. I recommend them highly."